Sag Calculator TRIAL version - Limitations and Information:

Sag Calculator TRIAL version - Download and Installation Instructions:

    Below are the instalation instructions for the TRIAL Version of Sag Calculator. The installation process for the TRIAL Version of Sag Calculator for computers running Windows involves three (3) steps. Please make sure you follow these steps carefully and exactly. If you make a mistake and do one of the steps incorrectly, just re-do the step again and then continue on with the subsequent steps. e.g. if you make a mistake in Step 2, then just do that step again and move on to the subsequent steps - there's no need to uninstall everything or start from Step 1 again for example.

    Registered Users - PLEASE NOTE:

Sag Calculator - more information:

Sag Calculator's Help File Needs You !

Sag Calculator's help file is not perfect or complete. Can you provide any information that will make the help file better, more informative, or more useful ? If you answer "YES", please email me and let me know.

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